You are welcome to attend our dance classes hosted by dance instructor Dmitry Sychikov.

We specialize in: Hip-Hop, Modern Dance, Street Dance, Choreography.
We offer group classes for kids (4-13) and adults (14 & up)!

Tel: 647.865.8077

About your instructor:

Born in Belarus(Minsk), Dmitry Sychikov first started dancing when he was 8 years old to become a professional hip-hop/modern dancer graduating from a famous all over the world “Todes” dancing school. He was raised to appreciate music, which developed into his love of dance. This launched him into a rich career not only of a dancer but a choreographer as well working for television, on stage and on the competitive dance circuit. Having founded his “VIP” dancing team he participated in multiple competitions, including Eurovision Song Contest, Star Factory, New Wave, etc.

WildFire Dance Studio